Sky over Dimas

The play was all about wicked history behind the land and wealth of the Torrecarions in Bacolod. The feud began in the 1800’s when the ancestral of the Torrecarion family decided to use brute force to steal the land from the inhabitants. Therefore the inhabitants placed a curse on the conquerors of the land, for whoever owns that land will suffer and die. This curse continued on and on till the time it is reclaimed by its original owners. Due to series of events, George Torrecarion, the current owner of the land, decided to end it by burning himself alive, yet he failed, then his son, Rafael sold the estate due to the tragedies that have taken place.

Overall the play was fantastic, there are a lot of events that say though not vocally that murder and greed has its own karma that will soon visit you in the future and that family is something you can never replace, like when the inhabitants gave their life away in order to protect their land, this shows that they respect their ancestors and that they could not face them if the land they put their sweat and blood were taken away, when they lost they made sure that their descendants may reclaim the land. Though out the course of the play, the secrets the family have hidden were all shown, the murder, the taking and the illegitimate child. Finally the climax was sad yet full of thought for the future of his son, though he failed, his son will now live on, and that the land is now in different hands, and the curse continues on, waiting for the day it is given back to its rightful owners…..1


Allegory of the Cave and Inception




  • What to you are the central themes in Plato’s allegory of the cave?  What are the ways by which the film closely resembles the allegory of the cave?  Conversely, what are the ways by which the film differs from it?


The main point of Plato’s allegory of the cave is that one has to be educated in order to get out of darkness or in our case ignorance. The ones who remain in the cave are afraid of the light outside to know the true reality not only their perception of reality inside the cave. The lights hurt the remaining people inside the cave because they don’t or don’t want to understand what true reality means. Thus the popular saying “the truth hurts”. Mal and the other men in the cave represent the concept of thinking inside the box because they don’t want to believe that there are other knowledge and perception about the “truth”. The cave represents people’s dreams and whatever lies outside the cave represents the true reality. They only believe what they want to believe because for so long it is the only thing they really know. In the movie, they were successful in the giving the idea of reality to Cobb who was stuck in limbo for a time, and confronting his fears of letting Mal go because it is what is it, Mal is gone and Cobb can’t let her stay inside because he knows that in reality his wife is gone. In the allegory of the cave, the man, who was free to go outside and venture what is real, wasn’t successful in giving the idea of what lies outside and imparting the perception of reality.


  • How does the mind separate false reality from true reality? Enumerate instances (key scenes) where the film clearly delineates “false” reality from “true” reality.

One key scene in the movie is when Cobb and Ariadne were talking about dreams and how to create instances and have it filled with your subconscious thoughts and Cobb suddenly brings up a question to Ariadne if she remembers how they exactly ended up seating together in a café whilst in the real world you have a continuous memory of what happened. And in dreams, they can alter or defy the principal laws of physics just like folding the world in two just like a piece of paper, shifts in gravity, and just like Cobb’s totem that doesn’t stop spinning which will never happen in real life since we can not break the laws of physics.

  • If someone can infiltrate your dreams in order to make you behave a certain way, do you really have free will? Is free will that easily manipulated?


First of all, what is free will for us? Free will is the ability to act out with our own discretion. But free will can easily be manipulated because most of our ideas are born out of suggestions either by other people’s ideas or out of necessities. Ideas do not come out of nowhere; something has to start the fire. But it is up to one’s consciousness and discretion to know or feel for them what is right or wrong, that is the act of having free will. But the idea or suggestion that came up before acting on it negates having “free” will, it is more of a follow up action on what to do. And our free will to do good or bad is taught to us ever since we were young and everything we do is dictated through manners and different norms.

  • Discuss how Cobb’s actions follow closely either some of the 4 Noble Truths or all of them.

The first noble truth is that in life there is suffering. Life is not all at a high, we also experience the low moments of our life through suffering, it doesn’t matter if it is emotional, mental suffering or any other form, suffering is a key part of our life. It makes us feel alive because when there is pain felt that is a sign that we are still alive. In Inception, Cobb is suffering deep inside because he is blaming himself for the death of his wife Mal. Mal didn’t have the perception of false reality from the true reality because they stayed so long in limbo that it was the only thing that Mal every knew and wouldn’t want to accept the truth, she only believed what she wanted to believe. And when they went back to reality, she sees the real world as if it was still a dream. In the end, she wanted to wake up but the truth is she is. The only way to wake up from a dream was to die, and eventually Mal thought about jumping from a high place to wake up to reality but it ended up killing her. Cobb also suffers because he can’t see his children.

The second noble truth is that suffering has an origin. Everything in the real world has a corresponding cause and effect. That applies to suffering too. Cobb is suffering because of the idea of inception. He did inception to his own wife, which eventually led her to loose her perception of reality and commit suicide.


The third noble truth is that suffering can cease. This stage in real life is when we try to overcome whatever hinders us. In Cobb’s case in the movie, his suffering can cease because of Saito’s offer to him that if they finish it; Cobb gets to go home to his children after a very long time not being home. And the last of the four noble truths is that there is a path out of suffering. The path is the process or what you have to do in order to get rid of your suffering. Cobb knew he had to confront Mal in his subconscious and let her go because he knows she is already gone. Saito’s deal with Cobb ends his longing for his two children.

Zero and the Forgotten City


 Long ago in the far distant past there was a town 2361km away from Greece, a city that flourished in economy and boasted its might, their gods were like the Olympians, but were far more refined. They were known as Fazloryans, as time passes they grew bored of being only worshiped, they started to be drunk with power and became far more playful than the gods of Olympus, they would then usually come down to earth to conceive children in their natural forms, they would go and use their godly powers to manipulate humans momentarily to do their bidding, their days became far more interesting than they had thought, then continued on doing it for many years to come. Their children were outcasts of society, they scorned their unjust situation and were filled with hate, 50 years later, they have mastered and refined their powers and techniques; rebelled in the city long forgotten, destroyed it and then conquered vast lands using their ungodly might then founded the city of Destiny.

In this city they treated others as equals, worship their gods/parents, the Fazloryans, the economy flourished and technology advanced faster than any other country; the major gods were Ishna, Frances, and Darwin.

A decade later, a child named Zero was born, blessed with magical prowess and physical and mental aptitude, due to this he was destined for greatness, the king having heard the news feared this child for he may be overtaken, had the family assassinated and disposed, but it was a twist of fate that the child was able to use a spell that shielded them and teleported them far away. Many years have passed and he aced anything he does, either be academics, business and so forth; he grew fond of the stories of gods and their mischievous deeds. After his parents untimely death he set on a journey to forget the unhappiness he had, he went from east to west finding everything related to the gods, he found many magical books and stories about the gods and their deeds, as time passed be began to hate the gods for he has found out that his parents untimely death was part of the gods games, and that they had planned to see what he would do upon finding out what they had done; cursing his fate he searched for more magical books, even those forbidden for use. There he mastered every single spell, refined it and became the strongest magician in the world and was named “Heaven’s Warlock”; he then set his plan to motion, the plan to eliminate the gods that conquered and created the world. The gods finding this amusing set forth every obstacle they could to do battle with him, using women, magicians, sickness, weather, and many others but failed, having done this for about 30 years, they grew bored of the warlocks actions, then cast a spell of love on Lina, the most beautiful and cunning woman in the world and then sent her to his side as his reward for amusing them and then forgotten him, because he sees him as no threat when compared to them; little did they know that this child has been holding back and he has known where the gods reside, while bidding his time he fell in love with the woman and had a family, soon when the time was right he gave her charms that would shield her from any harm that may come her way and told her that he would be gone for a while for a short journey; having stored a lot of magical energy in his possessions and spell marks, he charged in the homes of the gods, catching them off guard and defeated them by the skin of his teeth, but the gods feeling anger for their mistake and lack of foresight cast a spell of forgetfulness, teleported him on a different continent than his family and sent a spell of insecurity to Lina. Having left her alone for 2 years, she decided to go on a journey to find clues on what happened to her husband and bring him back if he is still alive, 6 months later he found him wandering about Greece and using her cunning ways helped him remember what he has long forgotten. Then years later they were a happy family and the magical capabilities of humans began to dwindle due to the loss of the gods, the once prominent city of Destiny having been the center of magic collapsed and was then forgotten……



1. Magi – Labyrinth of Magic


3. Stories of the gods of Olympus

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